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Our acquisitions usually fall into the recruitment sector, property services, healthcare, manufacturing or online sectors but we consider all opportunities to see if it is a good fit within our network.

There's a more detailed list of sectors of interest here.

*Recruitment (introduction) sector

*Property Development:

Our main area of expertise lies within recruitment, healthcare, the property industry, hospitality and so we are keenly interested in any business related to the sector, for example (but not limited to):


Through our founder Agnes’s extensive experience and in-depth involvement within the healthcare sector its a natural fit within the network.  Our main areas of interest within healthcare sector but not limited to are:


Care Homes

Domiciliary Care

Dental Practices


Veterinary Surgeries

Medical Consulting & Wholesalers

Other Healthcare Related Services


Having been involved in the design and sale of various products, our founder Agnes has a keen interest in not only developing the manufacturing business offline but also online with innovotive strategies / new brands. 

We have a particular interest in the following manufacturing sectors:

Food- Organic 

Property - Building Materials, Hotel/Resorts equipment,

Online Ventures:

All businesses, no matter what the sector require an online presence and a level of digital marketing.  Let’s Talk is very experienced and interested in Online Businesses in the following sectors 

Digital Marketing Agencies

eCommerce Businesses

Lead Generation

Education / Training

Other Online Venture

Education / Training:

Private schools, learning and development apps for students in and ongoing online support.

If your business sector is not listed within our preferred sectors do not hesitate to contact us as we will always consider each business (profitable or distressed) within its own merits and see if they are any synergies within our groups.

Contact us:

If you would like to discuss the stress free sale of your business, contact us now on 07985761595 or book a free consultation via the below button 


ConsultationPlease complete all fields and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange a consultation.

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